Application Procedure

Yes, as long as you graduate before the Trainee Programme starts.

Yes, you will be asked to specify up to 3 positions you are interested in when you submit your application.

Yes, as long as you are able and willing to move to the respective country and live there long term. We will not send trainees on a long-term international assignment to solely take on a traineeship.

Please see the Application Process section for more information.

We require a Masters degree, unless stated differently in the job descriptions.

You will find out no later than May 2017. Some trainees will start during the summer with the others starting in August. The first module is planned for September, so everyone needs to be on board by then.

You will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, you can modify your submission until the application period ends. The best way, however, is to save your submission as a draft and send it when you are ready. Our recruiters will look at applications already during the recruitment period, so it is better if your profile is as complete as possible.

Training Programme

The programme will start in September 2017. Although some trainees might start working for us earlier, all trainees will join us no later than September.

Yes, you will go on a 3-month assignment abroad during your traineeship. After that, all doors are open for you to apply for positions abroad depending on your education and language skills.

Yes, an experienced talent will be matched up with you as your mentor.

No. All positions are fulltime and the programme will take quite a lot of your time too

You enter one of the posted positions and you will not rotate between them. However, you will go on a three-month international assignment that is relevant for your work.

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Our Global Trainee Programme offers recent graduates world-class training, global exposure and an exclusive opportunity to explore yourself and the world in a truly unique way.

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