Investing in young people is important

I have been thinking about how I came across Stora Enso since one of the GROW programme projects touches the topic through employer branding and another project through corporate community investment that is a part of our sustainability agenda.

Investing in young people is important

When I think back on my childhood next to Imatra Mills, I cannot point out the first time I heard about Stora Enso. Maybe it was on a scout camp in the forest in a cottage provided by Stora Enso to us girl scouts back in the 1990s?

The name of our Scout Group was Enson Partiosiskot (Enso’s Scout Girls). The name comes from the Finnish city Enso in South Karelia conquered by the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Photo by Suomen Partiolaiset/Joel Forsman

The first board machine was built in Imatra next to the pulp mill in 1950 to replace a board mill left to Enso. The story does not specify whether the company, then called Enso-Gutzeit, was named after the city or the city after the company.

When I was 15, our primary school class visited the Imatra Mills; one of those kids was so charmed that she ended up working at Stora Enso all the way in Austria! So yes, I'd claim corporate community investment and employer branding have traditionally been on a good level locally in South Karelia, Finland.

Iiris Immonen

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Iiris Immonen

Process Manager, Wood Products Division, Ybbs (Wood Products)

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