3 Months at a Paper Mill

Hi everyone, In August 2015, I joined Stora Enso at the Maxau Mill in Karlsruhe as a process engineer in the production department. The mill is located in south-west Germany close to the French border. In Maxau, there are two paper machines. Both of them produce SC paper.

My tasks are related to the paper machine 6. Usually it is about optimising processes: How can we save chemicals? How can we reduce the energy consumption? The good thing about having two paper machines is that you can compare how these two machines are handling their processes in order to find a better solution. Although it already turned out not to be so easy after all, these project related tasks involve a lot of talking to employees from all kinds of departments. Most of them have been working at the mill for decades. Besides, a good explanation of how things are done at the moment every now and then I also get to hear some stories about how things were handled in the past. So there are definitely continuous changes in the processes – due to a changing market, changing customer demands or leadership styles. Besides all the technical things that are completely new to me as I do not have a paper background, I realised that communication also plays an important role in successfully running this complex machine. So I am really looking forward to the second module in Lausanne as there will be sessions dealing with the very tricky topic of how to lead and communicate successfully. The content of the pre-readings and pre-assignments really raised my expectations! Looking forward to seeing all the trainees again soon! Keep on printing. Anka

Anka Diers

Process Engineer, Paper, Maxau (Paper)

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