Winning culture in Wood Products division

They say it takes a while to settle in a new country, and only after our skiing cup last weekend, did I truly start to feel at home at Ybbs Mill. Among personal cups, we had a race against all Central European mills in the Wood Products division, and Ybbs won!

Winning culture in Wood Products division

Winning culture in Wood Products division

My first task in the Operations Improvement team was to get to know our operations. So, I visited two logistics offices, customers in Italy and sales personnel in Finland, logging operations in the Czech Republic and Estonia, as well as production at ten sawmills in five different countries. On top of that, I had gotten the chance to learn about our sales service as well as finance. It has been interesting to learn about all of our operations, but what has been nice to notice, is that from a mill to forest and logistics to controlling everyone at Wood Products seem to be working with a twinkle in their eye and playing on the same team. With my first project, I have begun to understand how important it is to know the relevant people in a matrix organisation such as ours. Innovative ideas only happen in diverse teams with different mindsets. Iiris Immonen #storaensoGROW #trainee

Iiris Immonen

Process Manager, Wood Products Division, Ybbs (Wood Products)

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