A multicultural trainee group / Eine multikulturelle Traineegruppe / 多元文化背景的管培生 / बहुसांस्कृतिक प्रशिक्षु समूह/ Un grupo de trainees multicultural

Something very interesting about the trainee group GROW 2016, is the multiculturality.

A multicultural trainee group

The 28 trainees come from 8 different countries and 3 different continents. German, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi are some of the languages that are spoken by many of the trainees and their mentors. Furthermore, as millennials, we have been easily connected in communication with people from different parts of the world during our lives. Many have had the opportunity to travel around the world and fast communications has also helped us learn what is going on outside the cities we live in. Diverse teams aren’t uncommon within Stora Enso. Multiculturality and diversity can be identified at our mills, group function teams, global responsibility projects and in the GLT. As a company, we also have our own diversity policy, which also explains how diversity in thought also means diversity in skills, personality & leadership style, experience and others. One common reflection within the trainee group is that being in a cultural diverse trainee group at an early stage of our careers is a great opportunity to break some of the most common myths about multiculturality itself and the cultures represented within the group. Therefore, I decided to sum up 5 lessons about cultural diversity that we have been able to reaffirm during the traineeship: DIVERSITY LESSON #1: Shared goals Independent from our culture, gender or the country we are from, most of us are driven by the same or a very similar goal: happiness. Which is mostly defined by our success and fulfilment at different areas (health, finance, professionally, socially). DIVERSITY LESSON #2: Shared fears Independent from our culture, gender or the country we are from, most of us have similar or even the same fears: failure/rejection in the different areas of our lives (health, finance, professionally, socially). By remembering these two first lessons it is easier to imagine us in one another's shoes (empathy). After all, "we are all in this together" with very similar goals and similar fears. And this not only implies for the people inside our teams but also customers and partners we do business with. DIVERSITY LESSON #3: Doing good and doing what’s right "Doing good" feels natural and we all agree that making an effort on "doing what’s right" can be a way of making a difference, not only in our organisation but also within our societies. DIVERSITY LESSON #4: Where do our differences come from? Cultures can strongly influence our individual's strengths and weaknesses. By identifying both, strengths and weaknesses, we can be able to lead any team closer and faster to its goal. DIVERSTIY LESSON #5: Diversity is an opportunity Our own believes, habits, way of thinking and points of view are shaped by the sum of our own experiences and people we have met throughout life. Analogically, cultures are shaped along thousands of years, by historical events, geographical position, leaders, environmental phenomenon, etc. Taking this into consideration, diversity, in any form, is an opportunity to understand what and how others see the world and vice versa. If you meet the trainee group, you will definitely meet women and men with different backgrounds, different skin, hair and eye colour, different professions and working in different areas at Stora Enso. But, as in any diverse team, above the differences, you will also meet men and women with common goals: being an active part of Stora Enso's transformation and offer their own best as part of a great global and diverse team. #storaensoGROW #diversity

Oscar Duarte

Business Developer, Düsseldorf Office (Group)

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