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The GROW trainee programme includes a 3-month International Assignment. A different division, yet a new working culture.

Having studied Wood Technology I thought I should strive to gain experience at one of our world class pulp or board mills for three months. However, I realised what I could do is help transform our processes to the digital era utilising my product development skills from the university along the way. What would you try out if you could choose anything for three months inside Stora Enso? I found myself working in Stockholm struggling with my high school Swedish - at least for the first days Swedish words have been terrorised with their German counterparts. Luckily, the projects I work with within the IT organisation's New Technologies team are in the common company language. At the New Technologies team projects aren't actually projects in a traditional sense. What we do here are Proof of Concepts (PoC) and pilots. I guess you could consider us kind of like a startup inside Stora Enso since the idea behind PoCs and pilots is to fail faster. If we fail, new technologies get tested cheaply. If we do not fail, new technologies and concepts will be implemented within our operations! I think it is easy to agree that in order to tackle competition – among other things – we need agility and the ability to innovate. Both things are rather complex for an organisation to achieve but trying out new technologies and digitalising processes surely makes things easier.   Iiris Immonen #storaensoGROW #trainee

Iiris Immonen

Process Manager, Wood Products Division, Ybbs (Wood Products)

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Our Global Trainee Programme offers recent graduates world-class training, global exposure and an exclusive opportunity to explore yourself and the world in a truly unique way.

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