A New Wood Product

One of the great things of being a GROW trainee is the three months international assignment. An opportunity to choose the location and function you want to work in. Anywhere within Stora Enso.

A New Wood Product

I really like production because there you can actually see how the product is made! In paper production which is where my journey at Stora Enso started some of the processes are hidden very well in the huge and complex paper machine. But during my three months international assignment things are a bit different! I chose to work at the brand new LVL mill in Varkaus, Finland. Inauguration was held in April this year. The LVL line (from the log to the final product) is 1,5 km long. It starts in the old TMP hall (pulp was produced there) and continues through the former PM 4 hall. The noise level of LVL production is about the same as in paper but you can see a lot more operators. So, how is LVL made? The production starts with a rotating log being peeled by a lathe. A log that has been growing for 60 years is cut into one 3 mm thick veneer sheet within 5 seconds. The veneer is the raw material for LVL which is the abbreviation for Laminated Veneer Lumber. So the next production steps aim to "laminate" the veneers and make a solid, stiff wood product. Therefore the veneers have to be cut to size, dried, glued and pressed together. In theory you could create a beam of infinite length - but for handling and transport reasons it will not be more than 24 m. The thickness of the final product depends on the amount of veneer layers glued together. Depending on the load bearing requirements different types of LVL can be produced. LVL can then be used for a wide range of applications in the building industry. For example roofs and walls.  In any case it is quite nice to work in an environment that is seen as the future of the company, rather than the past. Many things are still uncertain, but it feels like with this new product we are on the right track. From the 28.06.2016

Anka Diers

Process Engineer, Paper, Maxau (Paper)

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