Sharing is Caring

We have all done it or at least heard from it, Stora Enso’s annual employee survey, Your Voice.

And hopefully we have all seen the results of our own work team. Reflections to the survey results may differ based on your personal point of view. Some of us are eager to find out what has changed from the past, some act like they don’t care and some claim that the results can’t really be compared. Either way we are all touched by the results and in the end what really matters is what we do with the results. To improve and develop us here in Enocell, we think that sharing your thoughts and feelings is important, not just with your own team or boss, but with a mixed group. That’s why we have created a forum for discussion. This year we have a group of ten people from different positions and organisations at our mill to discuss how the questions in the survey have been understood and how we should improve our practices in action. The main focus is on increasing work motivation and satisfaction. Of course this is a very ambitious goal but we genuinely believe that working as team we can create a lot of goodwill for the future and help all the managers to perform better. Sometimes thing that bother us the most aren’t that big after all. At least here in Finland it’s a cultural thing not to share directly how we feel. Interpreting weird behaviours and body language rarely helps to understand what others think. This can create misunderstandings and even situations where people are not able to work together. The key is how to give and receive feedback? Most of us think we know how to give feedback. Positive comments are better and more useful than negative ones. And if you do have to point out something wrong, start with a compliment, move on to the problem, then end on a high note. In real life it is not that simple. Negative feedback isn’t always bad and positive feedback isn’t always good. Too often we forget the purpose of feedback, it’s not to make people feel better it’s to help them do better. This doesn’t mean we have to be rued but when we stuff the bad things between compliments people often hear only the praise. But, again, if we look at feedback as an opportunity to make someone work better rather than feel better, we are more likely to do it successfully. Often people would just like to know how to improve, and they deserve to know it. So please, share it!

Henna Hietanen

Energy Engineer, Uimaharju (Biomaterials)

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